Feb 1, 2011

Valentines - CBCF Fundraiser

Do you remember me?  It has been soooo long since I made any cards.  I've even committed the cardinal cardmakers sin... I didn't make or send even one Christmas card!  I know, I know...excommunication from the card club for that one!

Alas, the creative itch has hit once again... and I've gone a little nuts with Valentines cards.  It's a good thing they're part of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation fundraising that I do - or I'd have to pick up 30 or so boyfriends to send them to in the next two weeks...  and somehow I think my husband might frown on that idea!

In order to be more efficient, I've actually done something that I don't usually do - I made them in bulk.  OK, not really bulk... I don't have the attention span for assembly line card making.  I made two at a time, with slight variations in colour or paper.

I hope you like them...
I hope my customers like them... and we make a lot of money for CBCF!  I HATE cancer!!

Hey, you made it all the way down here!  Wow!  That's impressive...  Thanks for looking, and have a GREAT day!!    :)

- Carolyn V


Rose said...

i about fell out of my chair when i saw you posted after sooooo long girl!! lol
so glad to see you back :)
fantastic cards and love the owl one!!
did you use a cricut cut for "love"??

Rose said...

forgot to tell you .......... these would be perfect for this challenge.......


just saying! lol

Anonymous said...

wowweee dear... so good to see you back in action... I was wondering what had happened..

Such gorgeous cards and for a great cause.. love all of them.... my favourites would be the cute owly card, and the pb hare with rose.. so so lovely.. :)