Apr 22, 2010

365 Cards - Day 50 & 53... and more

I've been making cards - honest!  I just misplaced the darn camera.  Now that I've found it, I've already packaged most of the ones I've made in the past few weeks and set them aside for the Breast Cancer fundraiser.  But there are a few to share with my fellow handmade card enthusiasts :)  (Then they'll be packaged for sale, too!)

This one was from Day 50 - a challenge called "Digging Deep"   had us digging to the bottom of our stashes.  I had just organized my craft room (thanks for the shelves, Harvey!) so I was so ready!

1) An item that is more than a year old  (photo of my parents' wedding - June 10, 1960)
2) Something that you were given that you have never used - this could be from a swap or a gift, but it has to have come from someone else. (lace collar from my Mom)
3) Something you forgot you had. (dollar store wedding bands)

I also had fun with today's Day 53 challenge "Front, Back & Everything in Between"
This was also a product of the craft room cleanup.  I found a set of clear stamps called "Mindscapes" by Inkadinkadoo that I had purchased a year ago - and hadn't even opened!  I love the fairy butterfly, but I wanted to try something a little different, so I used a glue pad instead of an ink pad and used MS Onyx glitter.  I LOVE the result!  

True to the challenge, I made sure to decorate the inside (stamped & trimmed with a red Swarovski crystal) and the envelope flap.  The back of the card is, like all my handmade creations, signed. 

This was a simple, simple card to make - and I loved the effect so much that I made more with different colours.  :D


~Christina~ said...

Absolutely wonderful!!! I love that you used that old photo...beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job, I love them both!!

Gloria Stengel said...

That first card/lo is stunning! Love everything about it! Thanks for playing at 365 Cards!

Pam said...

Great cards - that photo of your parents really makes that beautiful card extra special!!