Feb 3, 2011

4 More Valentines & a Birthday Card for Santos

I'm on a roll...  so here's some more valentines for the sale...

 ...and my husband came in to the craft room tonight and made a special request for a custom guy card for a friend, coworker and all-around great guy.  Santos, I hope you like this one  :)

Well, I'm going to go watch the last little bit of "Wipeout" with Harvey, and then it's nighty-night time for me!

Good night...   Carolyn


Rose said...

girl you are on a roll!!! more fantastic cards :)

love "wipeout" too funny!!!

Kim Mc said...

so happy to see you back making and sharing cards!! Can't wait to see more! Aloha, Kim Mc

hayden said...

The giraffe reminds me of a painting by one of my favourite artists - it's a bit creepy, but that dude is just seriously expressive.
Right on C!