Sep 4, 2009

A friend sent me this by email... it was too fun not to share:

Words of Wisdom for Women to Live By:

1) Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.

2) If the shoe fits - buy them in every colour.

3) Take life with a pinch of salt... a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila.

4) Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days!)

5) When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

6) Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality.

7) I know I'm in my own little world, but it's OK. They know me here.

8) Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.

9) Don't get your knickers in a knot - it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.

10) Keep your chin up, only the first 40 years of parenthood are the hardest.

11) If it has tires or testicles it's gonna give you trouble.

12) By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she's wrong.

Good friends are like stars... you don't always see them, but you know they are always there. Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but LIVE for today.

Now, pass this on to any girls wasting time at work, suffering from a hangover (or just suffering from life) that may need a reason to smile. :) Thanks for sending it to me, Sharmini!


Patti J said...

Oh my gosh, Carolyn - I am laughing out loud!!! How funny this is! Thanks for sharing with us!

Robyn said...

This is so pee-in-your-pants funny! ;o) Thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

ROFL!!!! #7 is ME :) that's my story and i'm sticken to it!!