Sep 3, 2009

365 Cards - Challenge 187

Today's challenge is Label It - to use a label on your card. Any kind will do - when in doubt, pull that one off the can of Campbell's Soup ;)

(Pam actually inserted a cute winkie-face after this statement, which I take to mean that she had a devilish grin on her face as she was assigning this challenge)

If Pam only knew the trouble this challenge caused me - she would probably laugh. I've never met Pam, but she strikes me as a lady with a sense o' haha. I spent half the day lamenting that my hubby (I loves ya, pooks), who bought a pair of jeans last week when we were on vacation with a very cool label - canvas, screenprinted and perfect for a card... well, he threw away the label in the hotel bin, and darn that maid service... it was gone, gone, gone.

The other half of the day I was mulling over possibilities. None that really inspired me (after the disappointment of the jeans label!) I have labels from tea, coffee, soup, beans and pet food on my desk right now.

I settled on this cat food label, and a cat-themed hello card. I liked the purple. The card kinda turned out Halloweenie, but that wasn't clever or timely design, it was pure accident.

Cardstock - CTMH; Design Paper - Basic Grey; Ribbon - Rusty Pickle (purple houndstooth) & a happy trade from Sherry (black poms); Cat Cutouts - Silhouette SD; Metal sculpting net - Dollar Store; Green Stickles; Sentiment - computer generated font: Flowerchild (free download);

I'm just glad that challenge is over, and tomorrow it's FRIDAY! I'm really, really looking forward to the next 365 challenge and to this upcoming long weekend. I'm going to forgo the housework and get all inky and gluey!! Dust be damned! I've just received a shipment of Artistic Outpost stamps that I'm dying to play with!! Wooo Hooo!

Oh yeah... those jeans... hubby's butt looks HOT in 'em! Not a total loss after all. ;) (Devilish grin of my own, Pam)

Life is good.


Cardcrazy said...

Very cute card and a clever use of the cat food label! ~~Pam

Rose said...

LOL your too funny girl :) love the label you used and it turned out so stinken cute!!! and i am right with you on the no housework.....i am crafting this weekend!!! dont get monday off but hubby does so he said he will get the house and yard work done :) sweet!!

One4Joy said... nice long comment disappeared. I love this card! love the colors and the fab patterns, and my Jessie girl ( Norwegian Forest Cat) approves your challenge entry! Love the movement in this too.

Have fun playing with the AO stamps, can't wait to see which ones you got!!!!

Chrissie said...

Very cool card... great idea.

Shelia said...

This is great, I love the 3 cats.

~amy~ said...

Oh always crack me up sista...darn that hubby for throwing away that tag from his jeans..I've got my kids trained to give me theirs :) Anywho's....magnificent the cat theme...and the poms are an excellent touch!


Great label card, your anxiety over it was worth it! Husbands just don't get the card makers need to save almost everything...but I am glad you 'like' the 'look' of his jeans! LOL

Leah the Orange said...

very cute! i felt your pain though, reading the post, and i cringed when you said hubby tossed the label - WOE!

but you recovered nicely from such a hard blow, and these kitties are just nifty!

i also dig your use of the mesh on this card and the "worth counting" card. is it that magic stuff, or some fabby found item?

Jenny S. (UK) said...

Thanks for making smile that is such a great card and the label looks purrfect.

Celeste said...

Great card! I love the green eyes on the kitties.