Jul 7, 2009

Went to Scrapbook City today, and told myself it was only for glue. I should never have believed me... I am incapable of leaving that store without paper... oh, such beautiful paper! BasicGrey, BoBunny, Little Yellow Bicycle. So many colours, so many patterns... so many crazy ideas!! To quote Britney Spears: Whoops, I did it again! No regrets, though...

Today's card is one I've just finished making for my eldest daughter, Allison. I hope she likes it. (The colours didn't photograph well, and I didn't have time to picnik them... oh well, you get the gist)

Now... I'm off to the post office to mail it. <3 U Allison!


JacErnst said...

Love it!!!
I would love the template if you have one.

This is amazing!!

Carolyn V said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it... it was an awful lot of work (mostly because I DON'T have a template!) I saw the idea on another card site, and used the picture for inspiration. I made a 'dummy' card out of cheap cardstock before trying it with the good stuff. (Good thing, too, because I made a few folding errors)

It was worth making, though. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.